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Shareware Zen

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software-box-webAccess to computers does not translate to access to all manner of software because most of the software are quite expensive. If you do not have the money to invest in good commercial software, you can opt for freeware. This refers to software that is available for download free of charge. This category of software may have restricted usage rights like prohibited redistribution or withheld source code. Freeware is not usually inferior to the premium version of the same software because it may be used to expand the market share.

Software License/Usage Rights

All freeware that can be downloaded for free has a license that governs usage. That is, the software may only have basic functions working or be fully functional for a stipulated period. Other restrictive terms that are common with free software include right to modify, distribute, copy or use the software. The free license may also spell out other terms such as type of usage that can either be private, personal, individual, non-commercial, non-profit, educational, academic, non-military, use by public authorities or various combinations of these restrictions.

Finding Good Freeware

One of the challenges that most people experience with usage of freeware is being able to identify the best out of a crowded market place. Here are some guidelines to help select and download free software that will not damage your computer and can also work for you.

Read reviews about the freeware

Reviews will help you determine the reputation of different freeware among users. Software that has a good reputation is usually safer and efficient. Reviews also give you an idea of what you should expect in terms of quality and functionality.

Download freeware from the official developer’s website

This is the best and safest way to get your freeware because this gives you more guarantee compared to the copy version. Generally, unlike the copy version that can convey harmful scripts, the official versions are usually checked for potential bugs before being launched.

Always download the latest version

Software developers are constantly working on their product to improve and fix any existing shortcomings that may be presented by the software. As such, it is advisable to always download the latest version as it is unlikely to have bugs. You can also consider checking for updates often.

Get your Freeware at Shareware Zen

Shareware Zen is your trusted resource center for top freeware drawn from different categories. Whether you are interested in free web design, audio, video or photo editing programs you can be sure to find information about the apps that will help you make sound decision on which application will best meet your needs. This information is also useful for making comparisons between programs from different developers as well as the features that come with them. Shareware Zen also provides you with quick links to the websites of the developers of these freeware where you can download them. Most of the freeware featured here can run on Windows as well as other operating systems like Mac OS X and Linux.

Small Business Marketing Tips for 2015

Embrace Technology: There is a tendency in small business to “stick with what works”, and while that is definitely true for the products and services you provide and the customers you serve, that’s not enough.

Time to Sell YourselfMobile technology has changed the world. We are in a revolutionary time and smart phones, tablets and other hand-held devices have changed marketing forever and it will continue to evolve at the speed of light for the foreseeable future. Things to consider:

It doesn’t matter what your small business is, your customers are on social media, have mobile devices and in order to retain your customers and attract new ones you need to “invade” their devices with your value proposition. This is done through your new or existing website, adding a mobile “app” to spread the word of what you have to offer and finally start your own social media presence starting with Facebook and adding Twitter and Instagram. Find an expert who can help.

Traditional Marketing: This is an annual tip but too often overlooked. Small business owners fear losing existing customers and attracting new ones every day. Competition is fierce, especially if your business is successful. There are some who say you can’t spend enough on marketing. Embracing technology enhances your presence, but traditional media advertising like newsprint, radio, cable and local television is tried and true. If your business is in a cost cutting mode, the expense of marketing should be last to cut. If you are in a growth mode then investing in marketing is equally as important as investing in additional capacity or equipment. You have to stay out front with your current and future customers.

In-Depth Content: In addition to technology, advertising across websites and mobile devices, the search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) need to find you and place you on or near the top of the results page. These searches are initiated more and more from mobile devices then from conventional computers and the search algorithms are more complex with each passing year. The result of which is the content on your web, in order to be recognized by these algorithms need original, in-depth content. These are the blogs about your goods and services, your customers’ testimonials and case studies (sometimes referred to as white papers) that should be included on your updated site. Simply stated, search engines no longer search sites for keywords, they search for content. Sites with more than 500 word articles are more likely to be returned by search engines than simple statements.

The best way to ensure SEO is finding what you have to offer is to check with your current Webmaster for advice and upgrades that will satisfy the latest search algorithms. They will make sure your content is original because algorithms know plagiarism when they find it. They will enhance and develop the in-depth content necessary to place your site on the first results page. You may have a great site, but you need the searchers to find it.

Network: This is another traditional approach that never grows old. Join your industry’s association. Become a member of your local Chamber of Commerce. Share some of these marketing tips, and their related expenses with your neighborhood businesses. Seek out complimentary businesses and link your site to theirs and theirs to yours.

Take heed. Each year is more competitive than the last and 2015 will be no different. Arm yourself with these tips and be ready.

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